The Matters of Your Health

We all know the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a good state of both physical and mental health is essential to live a normal, healthy life. Good health and well being can be achieved in different ways, it is not just a matter of treating illnesses but being pro-active in living a healthy lifestyle and making informed choices to try and prevent becoming ill in the first place. Of course, having some form of health insurance as a back up plan is always a good idea too.

So, how can we try to prevent contracting illnesses? Education plays a large part with classes being held to help smoking cessation, immunisation, and even educational material that raises public awareness on how making some simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference to our health. Even the Government has suggested that there needs to be much more emphasis put on promoting good health in order to make significant changes.

The UK Department of Health has even produced a consultation paper on health in which the British Medical Association made several suggestions on how best to prevent illness.

Regular Exercise

Regular physical activity is already part of school curriculums but needs to be maintained outside school hours too. Half an hours exercise three times a week can play a vital role in reducing illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity. On top of this, exercise can help prevent other illnesses such as osteoporosis and even depression. Improving health while at the same time reducing stress, keeps the heart and lungs b. As a result of this, energy levels are increased and quality of life can be improved.


Risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes are all increased greatly by being overweight. Both the Government and the food industry need to work together to ensure that nutritional values of packaged food is clearly stated and that the general public are educated in what the facts and figures actually mean. This should be started at school to ensure that this information is learned as soon as possible.


It is a fact that smoking is responsible for one out of every three diagnosed cancers and a whopping 90% of all lung cancer. It has even been stated that smoking kills over 500,000 people in Europe every year. For this reason, smoking prevention are high priorities to increase public awareness. The Government in the UK has already taken action to help protect non-smokers by banning smoking in enclosed public spaces.

Regular Health Checks

Getting a regular check up is important to maintain good health. Health screening can help highlight any potential issues or ailments that may normally go unnoticed.

Alcohol and Drugs

The negative effects of alcohol and dugs should be highlighted to children at an early age to increase awareness about the dangers and complications that can arise as a result of misuse and abuse. There are many problems associated with drink and drugs including medical and personal issues.

Of course, as well as undertaking these preventative measures it is important to safeguard your health in the unfortunate event of falling ill. It is of course still possible to contract an illness or disease even after undertaking every precaution we can. In such cases, why not have a form of private medical insurance to offer speedy treatment and support if such an event was to take place.

Health insurance after all, gives us the opportunity to be seen quickly, often in a hospital of our choice. Staying healthy is very important and any good health insurance company should encourage and promote methods of keeping their customers fit and healthy.


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